worked for 2 weeks and still alive.

it’s been quiet on bigmamablog for the past couple weeks, but i hope to continue doing sketches and upload them on here soon. my freelance gig at ON is done, and my work with the theater should also be kinda done as well. last week was a bit crazy because all the costuming stuff for the theater was due, and because i was working at ON during the day, i had to run around and do all the shopping after hours. as i mentioned before, theĀ  budget is tiny, so that meant i had to spend A LOT of time at thrift stores. i don’t ever want to step into a thrift store again for at least a year. goodwill smelled like poo during one of my visits. it was concentrated in one area, so i think someone literally took a secret shit somewhere in the store. anyway, the show opens this thursday, so i assume once it opens there will be no more changes or costuming needs.. it was cool to see the rehearsals in the actual theater space with the set and everything, and in costume. prior to this weekend, i’ve only seen rehearsals and read throughs in their rehearsal space, so it feels a lot more real and legit now. i think i will go to the show on friday night, so let me know if you want to come with, or if you want ticketing info

on top of all that, i have landed another freelance gig. 2010 must be the year of ricky trying new things and adding to his resume. this job is in web design, so it’s totally different from what i’ve been doing, and brings me back to what i learned in school (if i can remember that far back). we’ll see how that goes! i went in today for a couple hours, read some O magazine as i waited for them to get my computer set up, and then got sent home because the computer didn’t have photoshop on it. i get paid by the hour so you know i will be charging for that.

now here’s a random picture of me blended with mary kate.