vacation time!

i am leaving for my trip in less than 24hours, and have not really prepared a single thing. it’s like ever since i stopped working i have no real concept of time or deadlines, which is strange because prior to this my life was nothing but due dates (self imposed or otherwise). i wonder if this is just a phase, abusing my new found freedom with procrastination (is it procrastinating if i set no timeline in the first place?). in any case, before i go to bed tonight i will HAVE to pack and highlight my guidebook with the things i want to see–literally no choice but to do it tonight. i have already forgotten “everything” i’ve learned from the italian cd-roms i got for my birthday back in november. i hear english is pretty common in italy, right??

actually, pushing my procrastination even further, i DO have a bit of leeway because i will be in new york for a few days first and hanging out with awesome people i haven’t seen in a long time. no! i must do everything tonight!

depending on my luggage space, i *might* bring baby michelle with me ;)