ToT DTM-ish?

ok so the deed has been done. i am not sure how i feel about it yet. it looks drastically different depending on the lighting (i just took a picture w/flash and it is NOT CUTE). i think it’s too orange (it’s a lot brighter and orange in person) but my hairdresser said if she were to add toner to it again it would get darker. i actually like the value of it now and don’t really want it darkened because it was initially darker, and not really noticeably different from my original color.  i will wait a couple days to get accustomed and decide if i want to have it re-toned. the sides are still black because i didn’t want to get sideburn roots while on vacation, and then i could also leave my eyebrows black this way.  i kinda have rihanna’s hair and i don’t even like her. at least i don’t have her giant legs. also, i clearly have to tan some more to reach DTM status. WE’LL SEE.