Reaching new heights of Lesbianism

As I mentioned earlier, my car battery died. I am very proud to say that i bought a battery jumpstart kit, and managed to jumpstart the car all by myself. How empowering, I can do anything now! I didn’t even need manly man Tien to come help.

A bit metaphorical…my unemployed life had been sitting idle while i was working in San Diego for the past few months, and i needed to jumpstart it to go nowhere (i did drive around aimlessly for 45 minutes to charge up, and made a stop at Trader Joe’s). Now that i’m booted up and ready to go, where should i go?

Ok that was really stupid but i have to sprinkle semi-deeper thoughts into the blog every once in a while because i am going to get a movie deal out of this. Meryl Streep will play me. Or as Angelica suggested, Gabourey Sidibe aka Precious. Realistically, it will be Rufio.