I have not yet seen the final episode (staying up for the 1:05am rerun tonight) but I know I’ll probably be a blubbering mess. I don’t know why I am obsessed with her. It must be the power. And wealth. And wagon of fat. And that she’s probably a crazy bitch when the cameras are off. I’m not gonna make this sappy, you know she is gonna do JUST FINE without her show.

Thanks Oprah for 25 years of greatness!

my morning twin


the “concerned” look - can’t tell if it’s real or fake. that’s why she’s so good.

the “levar burton”

i need a hi-res version of this so i can print and frame it

i wonder how many wagons of fat she’s lost in her lifetime

thinking about their money

one of my favorite episodes ever…oprah goes back in time!

oscar nominated actress

“oh ownkay”