No, thank you.

In case you forgot, this blog is primarily supposed to be about my unemployment.  Well, to keep this blog, i actually declined a freelance gig. The place i was working in san diego a couple months ago has moved to san francisco, and they asked if i could freelance. as nice as the money would have been, i am just not ready mentally or emotionally to work right now. I need some more ME time (boy do i love my me time) and i am so lost and confused in my life right now that i REALLY need to focus on what i want to do with my life. I’m trying to look at the bigger picture; jobs will come and go but my free time and sanity (or trying to find my sanity) at the moment is something i need to enjoy for the time being. I feel like i am making the right decision for myself, and this free time i carved for myself should be used fruitfully and creatively, and that does not include taking jobs i don’t really want to do at the moment. thank you, i appreciate the opportunity, but just not now.

with that being said, i had a great dinner last night with two of my former co-workers, La Sonya and Marbelle. i promised to mention them in good nature because they paid for my dinner. it was great to catch up with them and hear about the misery that i no longer have to deal with! it makes me appreciate the time that i have.

Then i met up with Amy and her sister Shivain the EB. I am SOOOOO excited because i finally found not only one, but TWO people who will take accordion lessons with me!!!! I have been wanting to learn for a while, and after going to Italy i want to learn even more, and what better time than now? yay!

then today amy (of project runway fame) gave me a sewing lesson. i made a pattern from scratch and sewed a vest. it is GORGEOUS. i will post a picture tomorrow. oh and i took BART back home today all by myself, which is a pretty damn big accomplishment because i don’t do BART.