new york new york

it’s been a great few days here in new york, and a bittersweet goodbye tomorrow. i got here monday and have been hanging out with one of my best friends Phillip who lives here. it’s been several months since i’ve seen him and it’s great to reconnect exactly where we left off. i also had dinner with my friend michelle whom i haven’t seen in two years, and it was incredible to catch up with her and each others’ lives. a lot has changed since we’ve last seen each other, so it was good to hear each others’ perspectives and advice on current situations. one of my other best friends, also my italian vacation partner, tien, got here yesterday and also scored the  awesome penthouse (with private roof access!!!) at a hotel. we’ve been living it up, walking around, going out, eating good food, and saw west side story (which phillip is in). SO much talent.

amidst all the entertainment, i’ve also gained a more realistic perspective of the new york lifestyle and have serious thinking to do about moving here. i am grateful for being able to gain this insight (with the help of phillip and michelle) to help aid my decisions about my future, which is a GIANT question mark (even bigger now than before).

tomorrow night tien and i will be flying out to italy, which still hasn’t sunk in!!! i am expecting an amazing adventure and i’m sure i won’t be disappointed! regardless of what we end up doing, i know i’ll have a lot of fun (dick, vagina, and bush jokes will never cease to be hilarious to me, no matter what the situation is). so if all else fails, i know i’ll have that because tien is the king of these jokes!

i am sad to say goodbye to new york and even more sad to say goodbye to phillip! i’ll miss everything here and am sorry to the friends i wasn’t able to meet up with! i know i’ll be back here sooner or later.

next stop, milan!

photos will be uploaded at a later time!