First night in italy started off with a BANG, literally. five minutes within checking into the hotel, i blew it up by plugging in my power converter incorrectly. giant spark, smoke, and a charred spot on the wall. all the lights turn off in the room. OH SHIT WHAT DO WE DO NOW??? we deliberated for a while and decided to call the front desk and say we want to switch to a room with a king bed instead. they are fine with that so i covered up the burnt spot on the wall with the minibar menu thinking we got away with it, and nobody will know. bellhop shows up and takes us to the room right next to us. guess what, we done blew up the power in this room too! they are trying to figure out how to fix this electrical problem so we just stayed silent and let them deal with it. after that we were too scared to try the power adaptor again, so we ordered room service (because our hotel is in like the chinatown of milan with nothing around, and it’s cold and it’s raining, and we haven’t slept in like 24 hours) and when they showed up with the food we asked them to plug in the adaptor. if it blows up again at least we can say it’s not our fault. the delivery person shows up and helps plug in the adaptor and everything is fine. i feel like we got away with the crime of the century!

mah bad

today, although it rained ALL DAY, we went down towards the center of the city where the duomo is and the galleria and such. despite the freezing temperature and rain we were able to walk around and see the duomo and the castle. got drunk at some pub and had a good dinner (clam spaghetti!).

michelle tanner at the castle

just chillin