Walking Shadow by Jason Ratliff

In this series entitled Walking Shadow, designer and illustrator Jason Ratliff shows us that even a long, dark shadow can be transformed into something more visually interesting, like these bright patterns of stimulating colors.

Ratliff combines traditional, detailed illustrations with abstract, mosaic silhouettes. Elderly folks, musicians, and animals find themselves accompanied by a shadow made of bold, solid blocks of color that are reminiscent of a stained glass window.

Ratliff says, “I create illustrations with a light dose of whimsy, a mixture of acrylic and ink, and a wide variety of surfaces.” The interaction of Ratliff’s traditional and playful techniques on a very plain backdrop result in these unexpected and quite delightful compositions. They are so pleasing that Ratliff has turned the illustrations into prints, iPhone covers, canvases, t-shirts, and note-cards that can be purchased at his print shop.

Jason Ratliff’s website