I HAVE A DREAM, with a twist ending.

So today i had lunch and went shopping with my sister in union square. i was trying to force her to buy stuff that stopped making her look like a fifty year old, but this was a bit unsuccessful. for some reason skinny jeans fit her from the knee up, but got really manly and baggy from the knee down, so we’ll have to wait till next time. we were also trying to find her some hoochie heels, but to no avail once again. next time, next time!

NOW, for the dream.

i dreamt that i was homeless, and i was with one other person (i don’t remember who this person was in the dream) and he or she was pushing a shopping cart around. i was also the caretaker of a little five year old black girl, who wore a long puffer coat. yes, i was her big mama in this dream. i felt so guilty for getting her into whatever this homeless situation was.

we were trekking around all over the place, and we walked by a mcdonalds.  i saw that this girl (my daughter or whatever) was looking in the window, yearning for something to eat. i scraped around and dug in my pockets and was able to find a couple dollars, and i turned to her, tears welling up in both our eyes, and said, “you’ve been such a good girl, let me buy you something to eat.” i knew my most important priority was to make sure she was ok, and tried to make her happy in any way i could. this didn’t really work, because i could see the worry in her eyes…she knew we couldn’t afford it.

at this moment, it occurred to me that this wasn’t real, but that i was in a movie. images of me at the academy awards flashed in my mind, and i thought, “DAMN, this is the type of role that will land me an oscar!” so i turned it up a couple notches and started to cry really hard. the girl, who deserved a best supporting actress nomination in my opinion, reacted just as i hoped, and started crying as well. we hugged, and dramatic music started playing in my head. all i was thinking about at that moment was my acceptance speech.

and then i woke up.

i felt like this was my breakthrough role like precious, so i will post this picture again.