home is where the heart is...?

i visited my parents this week in stockton, where i was born and raised. it’s always weird going back home. as nice as it is to see my parents, i really don’t like going back home. it’s only 90 miles away but i only go a few times a year. i feel so out of place in stockton, and don’t ever want to leave the house when i’m there. and when i’m in the house, there’s really nothing to do either. anyway, i spent the night, and then drove my mom MONITA to my sister’s in fremont, another city that i love. we all spent some time with my sister and her baby. that kid LOVES the iphoto booth thing on my computer…he drooled all over my keyboard.

it’s been a while since i’ve written in here. i’ve been having lunch and spending time with a lot of people i’ve lost contact with in the past few months, just catching up and seeing what they’re up to and to get some broader perspective on things. i think i am channeling what i want to do in the next chapter of my life. i want to get into theater arts-set design and lighting design- but i am not ready or willing to go to school full time for that. i’d like to get some sort of apprenticeship or volunteer work under my belt just to have real world experience before fully committing myself to that world. surprisingly, when i tell that to people, a lot of them know somebody or have some sort of connection to somebody who’s involved with that stuff. we’ll see if any of it leads anywhere :)

in more exciting news, i ordered this awesome shirt!

i don’t care if you hate it! imagine how beautiful that will be while playing the accordion.