Goodbye 2010, Hello 2011

it’s been a long time since i’ve posted in this blog, mainly because i’ve been working and this was started as an unemployment project for myself. looking back on some of my posts here, i really need to start drawing again. not too much has happened in 2010 for better or worse…let’s see…worked in san diego for 2 months…went to new york and europe with tien….started learning accordion….got a different job….changed my hair color….went on a family cruise….entered my early late 20’s/late mid 20’s.  let’s take a look of some of my favorite things of the year.

favorite album:

robyn - body talk. released in 3 parts, this was the culmination of the trilogy. a mix of really fun dance music with really sad lyrics.

favorite movie:

so disturbingly beautiful and intense. i was extremely uncomfortable the whole time, but couldn’t wait to see what was going to happen next. i can see myself going on an insane downward spiral like that.

favorite book:

not a 2010 release, but i read it this year and this is my list so i can do whatever i want. i saw the swedish film version of the book a couple years ago and loved it, so i finally decided to read the book, which, as usual, was way more detailed and intricate than the movie. an american film version was released this year and it was really really similar to the other film, but not as pretty to look at. kind of unnecessary.

favorite word:

that’s how i like to describe my brain. and my apartment.

i think i’m going to get invisalign and jaw botox in 2011.