from off to on

yes, i have a job. sort of. two, kinda. so what happened? how did i go from blissfully unemployed to two jobs? i started interning with the AATC (asian american theater company) a few weeks ago. i am interested in going into theater arts, mostly lighting or set design, and i was introduced by one of my high school friends to the director of AATC. coincidentally, they are gearing up for one their productions which starts in july, and needed an assistant costumer, and since i have fashion background i was slotted into that position. it’s a foot in the door, and good experience nonetheless. this particularly play is not very costume-y or artistically groundbreaking, so it’s not that creative on that front, but it’s a good start in learning the ropes and how the process works. they also have a $500 budget, and when they told me i thought they had to mean per costume…but no, when you work for a nonprofit organization, things don’t work like that. coming from a big corporate job, i am not used to working povo. it’s a challenge! here’s the video trailer for the show:

job #2, one of my friends from ON needed a freelancer for two weeks, and i figured it’s only two weeks, and it’s VERY easy work, i might as well take it and earn some extra pocket money. i want to go to paris before the years’ end. this will help. it was weird going back, it was like the first day of school after summer vacation and seeing a bunch of familiar faces again. the negative energy in that building is still a-buzzing, and it’s great to know i’m not part of that machine anymore. one of the biggest perks of my industry is that it’s pretty easy to find freelance work, and since everybody there knows me and knows i’m available, i can hop in for these short projects and then go back to my merry ways.

i had a really awesome accordion lesson today! today we practiced from the book a little bit, but then also practiced playing by ear, which i haven’t done before. it’s totally different and a lot harder for me than practicing with sheet music. i had a flashback to my childhood when i was always the teacher’s pet, eager to answer all her questions and had that need to prove myself to the teacher and all the other students (yes i was that annoying kid). it was weird, i haven’t felt like that in a long time. something about a classroom setting brings it out of me. there was also the white version of me in class. we dressed similarly, he had dyed blonde hair, and was awkwardly shy.

he wasn’t as good as this white doppelganger though: