First Day of Second Term Unemployment

So a few months ago, in November 2009, I decided to give myself a birthday present of freedom, and quit my job. I worked in fashion design for Old Navy for over four years, and needed a break (aka I QUIT!)

Me with my 2 week notice

My friends who were all still working kept asking what I was doing with all my free time, and my responses usually involved something lazily absurd (such as reading ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ at my window whilst listening to Susan Boyle) or something with my baby Michelle Tanner.

Michelle Tanner

Mic'hell'e Tanner

So they wanted me to start a blog to document my unemployment. Unfortunately I procrastinated with the blog and ended up getting a freelance job in January, but now I’m back! Unemployed again and ready to go! This blog will be about absolutely nothing and will be mostly for personal entertainment.