bigmamablog (kingkwongkweenkwong) 20 years ago

The last time i went back to my parents’ house, i found my old journal from 1990. It’s hard to believe that that’s over 20 years ago… I was a wee little lad at the age of 6 when the journal started, about to enter the second grade. Some things never change…

This is the very first page.

Tina and Wendy are my older sisters (teens at the time). I don’t remember liking DEPECHE MODE that much.

Yes, i guess i really did like them that much.

so my obsession with fatness began at a very early age.

So what if i drew a figure skater. SO WHAT.

First day of school in second grade. Grandpa on the left (see the giant bags under his eyes?) and Dad on the right. Apparently we all wore the same outfit. Oh and that’s my dad’s GMC truck in the back.

I learned how to write in cursive and am damn proud of it

What a sweet birthday message to my mom. She also made a correction to it.

My first fashion illustration?

Oh yes, if only 1990 ricky could see the beautiful butterfly i’ve become now.

I did not like my dad or my sister Wendy very much at the time, so they were in their own “Kwong” family, while my other sister Tina and I took my mom’s maiden last name of “Chang.”

Showing off some fancy new writing again.

A drawing of a boy. Being Asian, my mom gave me a grade on it.

As I said, i really didn’t like my ugly face sister Wendy at the time.

Random old bitch hahahahhaha

Napoleon Dynamite would be proud. I had a lot of trouble with the legs, as you can see from all the eraser marks.

Aha! I solved the leg problem by hiding them in a magic cloud. GENIUS.

Is this why i’m a fashion designer now? Close.

In case you’re wondering, Monita is the name of my big mama.

Oh, I’m still not over the fat pig.

Not normal.