accordion and dorks (two separate things, no seriously). weird weekend.

i went to my very first accordion lesson from accordion apocalypse this weekend and it went very well! it was supposed to be a group lesson but i was the only person super cool enough to show up (this place is also in the GHETTTTTO btw) so i ended up getting a private lesson. not to toot my own horn or anything but toot toot i got to 4 songs within my first lesson, which according to the instructor is unprecedented! i guess it is just meant to be. we’ll see how long i can keep this up. i got the beginner’s special which includes group lessons and a rental for three months, so we’ll see… one day i hope to be able to play this:

after the lesson i went to oakland and tien made her famous split pea soup for dinner, which was delicious, and then we headed out to celebrate our friend shiva’s birthday. the bar she chose was weird. i’ll just leave it at that!

then on sunday i got tricked into going to something called “maker’s faire” in san mateo. i did not know what it was and my friend chou ha wanted to go, so i figured why not? now i know why not! i have never seen so many socially retarded, “unconventionally attractive”, unhygienic people in my life! lots of disgruntled stay at home moms with their children there too… it’s sort of a tech/arts/crafts fair with people showing/selling their products. one area that focused primarily on art prints i liked a lot, but the majority of this place was realllllly really techy and had build your own robot stations and that sort of stuff, which i don’t find interesting at all. i don’t mean to stereotype people that go to tech fairs and conventions, but if you have an image of the type of person who goes to these things, well…they were all there. it’s funny how people who are really really good at doing one thing (such as building robots) can be completely inadequate at others (such as washing their face).