Winter Checklist: Top 5

Large typographical checklist of winter must-haves.

New Arrivals

Big, bold, colorful headline with a long vertical scroll format.

Responsive Email Design: Women's Outfitting

This email design automatically shifts based on the user's device. The message shows an outfit on a model and all of its components to recreate the look.


Denim Personality

A popular messaging technique which showcases one product and multiple ways of wearing.

Essentials List

Numbered list with product names and prices.


An animated email that displays the versatility of polo shirts.

Denim Fit Guide

A visual guide to the wide range of fits.


Responsive Email Design: Dresses

This design shifts from a two-column layout to one-column depending on the device.


Holiday Stripes

Colors and stripe motifs from the products are mirrored in the design.

The Lived-in Shirt

A large hero image of the products to show range of patterns and textures.

New Arrivals with Pop Color 

Men's email showcasing several outfit options with a splash of orange.

The Gap Sheet

Monthly newsletter style email highlighting the latest items.


Keep Business Casual

Two outfit options with products clearly called out.

The Denim Shop

Playful design with several on-figure images showing the wide range of denim styles available.

All in the Details

Special details are highlighted to show customers quality and a reason to buy.